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Unit IV:  Regulation and Dispute Resolution:

In this unit, you will examine the historical roots of the labour movement, and the role of the federal and provincial governments, as well as unions and the courts in the development of labour law. You will also examine contemporary labour laws and how they relate to the workplace. You will have an opportunity to discover the differences between unionized and non-unionized workplaces, the process of unionization, and collective bargaining. You will review how the workplace has changed during the past fifty years and how globalization has changed the process of unionization.

You will review the major federal and provincial legislation in Canada regarding the environment over the past forty years and how the court systems interpreted and enforced this legislation. You will investigate the leading advocates in the fight for environmental protection. You will examine a variety of international agreements focusing on protecting the environment and Canada’s role in these agreements.

You will explore the principles of international law and how they pertain to international treaties dealing with land, sea, and outer space.

You will also explore the concepts surrounding diplomatic relations, including diplomatic immunity and extradition proceedings. You will examine the role of agencies such as the United Nations that define, regulate, and enforce international law.

You will explore the functions and powers of the various branches within the United Nations organization and explain the role of the International Court of Justice in resolving issues. You will investigate the effectiveness of international treaties in the protection of human rights and the role the United Nations and non-governmental organizations take in protecting human rights and refugees. You will examine some of various peaceful solutions to international conflicts, organizations which seek to promote peaceful solutions; as well as what happens when non-peaceful solutions are not available. You will explore the rules of war, war crimes, and war crime trials and the role of the International Criminal Court.

Source:  CLN 4U1 Course Profile



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