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Unit V:  Summative Assessment:

In this unit, you will complete the course culminating activity which is an Independent Legal Research Essay. By following the instructions in each activity, you will learn and practise valuable research, writing, and editing skills. You will begin by choosing a topic from a list of suggested topics, or you will choose one of your own, with the approval of your instructor.

By beginning to do research for your legal research essay, you will develop better note-taking skills. Taking good notes sets the foundation for any research project, and is necessary to avoid plagiarism. You will participate in an interactive web-based activity to learn more about plagiarism.

As you do your research, you will prepare an annotated bibliography which is an excellent tool to use to understand the usefulness of the resources you gathered. It gives you an overview of the areas you researched and the areas where more research still needs to be done.

After having done research into your topic, you will prepare the thesis statement for your essay. The thesis statement explains to the reader your position on an issue and outlines the key pieces of evidence that you will use to prove your argument.

You will prepare an introduction and an outline for your essay. The introduction will include a clear and concise statement of your argument. The essay outline helps you organize your arguments, present your evidence, and link your ideas together.

By sharing your essay with another student you will revise, edit, and polish your essay, and will edit the work of someone else. Peer editing will provide you with the opportunity for you and your classmates to improve the quality of each other’s final essay.

Finally, you will check to see that you have completed all elements of your essay and will hand in the final copy of your essay.


Source:  CLN 4U1 Course Profile

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